A Master of Oriental Medicine Degree Can Prepare You for a Career in Oriental Medicine

Career options for those with a Master in Oriental Medicine Graduates of a Master of Oriental Medicine degree program will be able to practice in a variety of settings. The degree requires a total of 3337.5 credit hours of study and 180.5 units of practical training. They will also be able to sit for national… Continue reading A Master of Oriental Medicine Degree Can Prepare You for a Career in Oriental Medicine

Accommodation at a Pension

Accommodation at a pension is similar to a hotel but has fewer amenities. It is usually smaller and more rustic, but sometimes it offers breakfast. Pensions can also be used as a boarding school. In addition to providing accommodation, some pensions also provide parking and breakfast. Read on to find out more about this kind… Continue reading Accommodation at a Pension

The Future of Driving Cars

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article about the future of driverless cars. They explain how the idea of an automated vehicle has been discussed and tried since the 1920s. The first automated car was created by the Tsukuba Mechanical Engineering Laboratory in Japan in the 1970s, using two cameras and an analog computer… Continue reading The Future of Driving Cars

Cake Recommendation

The Cake recommendation system works by comparing user ratings, order history, and feedback. However, the system has limitations when it comes to serendipitous and unrated data. In addition, it cannot process data from real people unless they are rated. As such, it is limited to recommending specific products. Machine-learning system used to recommend cakes 레터링케이크… Continue reading Cake Recommendation

A Guide to Protein Powders

Protein supplements come in a variety of forms. Some are made of Casein, whey, or hydrolysates. Some are obtained from insects. Some are a combination of these two types. Here’s a guide to protein powders. The ideal timing to take your supplement is within two hours after exercising. Whey While the benefits of a whey… Continue reading A Guide to Protein Powders